Worst paying jobs in Kenya

In Kenya,  the job market is not such diverse but it offers opportunities across various industries. However, not all jobs are created equal, and some opportunities fail to provide adequate compensation or salary to their employees. The worst Paying jobs in Kenya are  Househelps, Security Guards, Supermarket Attendants, Receptionists, and Delivery Guys.  In this article, we will  review some of the worst-paying jobs in Kenya and how much people earn in this Jobs


House helpers, commonly known as domestic workers, or maids in Kenya, are essential workers in any household helping in activities such as cleaning, cooking, and taking care of children and the elderly. Unfortunately,  Househleps in Kenya often receive minimal wages of even less than 5000Kshs Per Month and endure long working hours without proper job benefits. Many househelps are exploited and are denied fair treatment, making this one of the worst paying jobs in Kenya.

How much should  A househelp earn in Kenya. Ahouse help in Kenya should be paid from 15,000-30,000 Kshs Per Month

Security Guards

Security guards play a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of various sectors here in Kenya. From Residential, Mall, Supermarkets Logistics Company. Despite their responsibility, security guards in Kenya frequently receive little wages of Even up to 12000 Per Month, and their work conditions may be challenging. Long hours of work, cold working at night, lack of proper equipment and gear, and exposure to potential risks protecting others contribute to the difficulties faced by security guards in Kenya.

How much should  A security Guard Earn in Kenya- A security Guard in Kenya should be paid at least 20,000  Kshs

Supermarket Attendants

Supermarket attendants work tirelessly and longer hours to ensure the smooth operation of supermarkets and food stores here in Kenya. They handle customers’ orders, manage inventory, and maintain the store’s cleanliness. However, they often receive low income of even less than 15000Kshs Per Month and face the constant pressure of waking early and sleeping late, working more hours to meet targets and dealing with challenging customers.

Sales and Marketers in Real Estate:

Real estate sales and marketing can be a nice paying job opportunity, but unfortunately, not all salespeople and marketers in real estate receive substantial compensation for their work. In Kenya, many people working in this field struggle to earn a living due to fluctuating demand, stiff competition, and unpredictable commission structures. Most Sales and Marketers in Real Estate here in Kenya earn around 15,000 Kenya shillings

Bar Waiters and Waitresses

Working in bars and restaurants as a waiter or waitress is a physically demanding job and requires excellent customer service skills and experience. However, Waiters and waitresses in Kenya often receive a low monthly salary of upto 10,000 Per Month and heavily rely on tips from customers, which may not be consistent. The irregular working hours can also take a toll on their overall well-being.

Delivery Guys

With the rise of online shopping and delivery services, there has been an increasing demand for delivery personnel in Kenya Mainly in Nairobi. Unfortunately, delivery guys often receive low commissions, especially when working for third-party delivery companies. The job entails navigating through traffic, challenging weather conditions, and High costs of Fuel and Accidents making it a physically demanding job but paying a little amount of money.


Receptionists here in Kenya play a vital role in managing administrative tasks, handling phone calls from clients, and welcoming visitors However, they are frequently paid low salaries despite their significant contributions to the smooth functioning of any business or company receiving a maximum compensation of upto to 25000 Kes.


Which is the lowest-paying job in Kenya?

Househelps or Home managers is the lowest paying job in Kenya

What is the minimum salary in Kenya?

The Minimum Salary in Kenya today is 15,000 Kshs

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