These are the shops where you can buy utensils cheaply here in Nairobi:

  1. RNK Utensils
  2. Kitchen ThirtySeven
  3. Hi Kitchen ltd
  4. Kengla Utensils
  5. Upscale Kitchenware
  6. Jane Utensils
  7. Emopha General Merchants
  8. Uplands Utensils Shop
  9. Vibe Kitchenware
  10. VituZote Yaya Centre

Top Ten Cheap Kitchenware Utensils in Nairobi


Location: Kamukunji, Nairobi, Kenya

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 8AM TO 7PM

Telephone Numbers: 0723500620

The kitchen utensils you are likely to find in this store are:

  • Dinnersets
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Cookware
  • Bakeware

      The utensils you find in this shop are high quality yet they are cheap. RNK utensils imports its inventory from the best utensils manufacturers in the world. Therefore you are guaranteed of high quality utensils any time you shop at RNK utensils.

“The utensils I bought at RNK were high quality and cheap.” Moraa Judith


  1. Kitchen ThirtySeven

Location: Luthuli Avenue, Nairobi

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 8AM TO 6PM

Telephone Number: 0748105006

This is the biggest kitchen store offering a wide range of glassware, knives, dinnerware, cookware, cooler boxes and also barware.

They are well known for offering huge discounts and cheap prices for those who buy in bulk.

You can also shop for their inventory online at www.sokokenya.co.ke and your order will be delivered within a few hours to your doorstep.

“I ordered for dinnerware form Kitchen ThirtySeven and my order was delivered to my doorstep within a day.” Micheal Ojwang


  1. Hi Kitchen Ltd

Location: Limuru Road, Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 8AM TO 7PM

Telephone Number: 0700861802

In this store, you will find high-quality dish sets, cutlery, thermoses and many other kitchen utensils.

The store imports kitchenware from Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, USA and Japan. Therefore you are assured of high-quality products which give you value for your money.

“All the kitchenware I bought from Hi Kitchen Ltd were top-notch and high quality. Although a little bit expensive they are worth my money in the long run.” Elise Peterson


  1. Kengla Utensils

Location: 9th floor of HH Towers at the junction of Moi Avenue, Nairobi Kenya.

Opening Hours: MON-SAT 8:30AM TO 5PM

Telephone Numbers: 0758201642

This store is both in store and online. The store delivers orders everywhere in Kenya. In addition to that you are assured of high quality products which are pocket friendly throughout the year.

“I shopped at Kengla Utensils and the offers were just amazing. I would highly recommend this store to anyone interested in buying kitchen utensils.” William Churchill


  1. Upscale Kitchenware

Location: Moi Avenue

Opening Hours: MON-SAT 9AM TO 5PM

Telephone Number: 0705536531

This is the go-to place if you need affordable ex UK, USA, or Canada Kitchenware.

Some of the items you can find here are; the dishwasher, glassware, spoons, cups and many more others.

“I was delighted to purchase a high-quality dishwasher from Upscale Kitchenware at a very cheap price.” Lorna Smith

  1. Jane Utensils

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Opening Hours: MON-SAT 8AM TO 5PM

Telephone Numbers: 0720699834

This kitchen store has a notoriety for offering high quality cups, plates, dinnersets, spoons, flasks, forks, mugs and many more others at a very affordable price.

Furthermore, the store also sells furniture and other home goods.

“I found it easy to shop at Jane utensils because the staff were helpful and considerate.” Thatcher James

  1. Emopha General Merchants

Location: Thithino Plaza 2nd floor room 11, Nairobi Kenya

Opening Hours: MON-SAT 7:30AM TO 5PM

Telephone Number: 0722591857

This store is a household name when it comes to importation, local distribution, retail and wholesale of kitchen utensils.

They offer free deliveries for those within the environs of Nairobi city. If you shop at Emopha be rest assured of genuine and high-quality products.

“I was able to get a good price for my kitchenware at Emopha.” Luke Luks

  1. Uplands Utensils Shop

Location: Past Kingdom Hall for Jehova Witnesses, Mutarakwa Lane, Nairobi, Kenya

Opening Hours: MON-SAT 8AM TO 5PM

Telephone Number: 0721810734

The store deals in kitchen utensils such as; cups, plates, spoons, flasks, forks, mugs, dinner sets, glassware, and many more others. Prices for these products are quite cheap and affordable. If you are within Nairobi you can also place an order via calling and have your order delivered to your doorstep.

“Just by making a phone call I was able to make an order, pay for it and have it delivered to me within a few hours to my doorstep.” Thorne Anyango

  1. Vibe Kitchenware

Location: Moi Avenue, Nairobi

Opening Hours: MON-SAT 8AM TO 6PM

Telephone Number: 0746239226

This store is well known for importing high quality products from England. Customers have remarked that products from this store are quite durable.

You can also place an order by calling and have your order delivered country wide.

“I bought an electric cooker at Vibe Kitchenware 5 years ago and it is still functional up to date.” Nick Kiptum

  1. VituZote Yaya Centre

Location: Yaya Shopping Centre Mall, 1st Floor Ring Road

Opening Hours: MON-SAT 9AM TO 6PM

Telephone Number: 0714389495

The kitchenware department of VituZote shop is well known for offering cheap and high-quality kitchen utensils.

The good thing about this store is they allow you to pay after your order has been delivered. They do deliveries all over the country within the time frame of one hour to twenty-four hours.

“I ordered online and the process was as simple as ABC and I laid my hands on the order 2 hours after delivery.” Elias Sebastian

In conclusion, those are the best stores for kitchen utensils. Most importantly they sell utensils at a cheap price.

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