Example of  Tuesday Funny Quotes 

  1. “Tuesday is the day that Monday couldn’t handle.”
  2. “Tuesday: The day we work hard, or just hardly work.”
  3. “On Tuesdays, we wear coffee stains.”
  4. “Tuesday is just Monday’s ugly sister.”
  5. “Tuesday is Monday’s ugly cousin.”
  6. “Tuesday: At least it’s not Monday!”
  7. “Tuesday is the day I can’t even spell.”
  8. “Tuesday is the day I regret not having Monday’s enthusiasm.”
  9. “Tuesday: The most useless day of the week.”
  10. “Tuesday is the day my coffee needs coffee.”
  11. “Coffee and Tuesdays were made for each other.”
  12. “Tuesday is the day that even coffee needs coffee.”
  13. “Tuesday is Monday’s sequel. It’s not any better.”
  14. “Tuesday: The day we pretend to work but actually plan our weekend.”
  15. “Tuesday is the day when I officially declare war on the snooze button.”
  16. “Tuesday is the day I wonder why I can’t just skip to Friday.”
  17. “Tuesday: A day for making a to-do list and promptly ignoring it.”
  18. “Tuesday is the day I realize that I’m still waiting for the weekend.”
  19. “Tuesday: The day when your bed is your one true love.”
  20. “Tuesday is the day I start counting down to the next weekend.”
  21. “Tuesday: The day I contemplate changing my career to ‘professional napper.'”
  22. “On Tuesday, my spirit animal is the sloth.”
  23. “Tuesday is the day I question why I can’t just work from my bed.”
  24. “Tuesday is the day I begin to understand why some animals hibernate.”
  25. “Tuesday: The day I understand why people say ‘I need a vacation from my vacation.'”
  26. “Tuesday is the day I pretend I’m still on a weekend mental vacation.”
  27. “Tuesday is the day I wonder if life has a ‘snooze’ button.”
  28. “On Tuesday, my coffee cup is my therapist.”
  29. “Tuesday: The day I try to drown my problems in caffeine.”
  30. “Tuesday is the day my coffee intake reaches heroic levels.”
  31. “Tuesday: A day that feels like it needs an instruction manual.”
  32. “Tuesday is the day I put the ‘pro’ in ‘procrastinate.'”
  33. “Tuesday is the day my cat judges my life choices.”
  34. “Tuesday: The day when I make plans to cancel plans.”
  35. “Tuesday is the day I realize I can’t adult today.”
  36. “Tuesday: The day when my biggest accomplishment is putting on pants.”
  37. “Tuesday is the day I wonder if I’ll ever be as cool as my dog thinks I am.”
  38. “Tuesday is the day I consider a career as a professional Netflix binger.”
  39. “Tuesday is the day I perfect my ‘pretending to adult’ skills.”
  40. “On Tuesday, I aspire to be as strong as my Wi-Fi signal.”
  41. “Tuesday: The day I plan to achieve world domination and then take a nap.”
  42. “Tuesday is the day I set my alarm for a power nap and wake up three hours later.”
  43. “Tuesday: The day I become fluent in emoji.”
  44. “Tuesday is the day I contemplate changing my job title to ‘Professional Pajama Model.'”
  45. “Tuesday is the day I realize that ‘adulting’ is just a fancy word for ‘faking it.'”
  46. “Tuesday: The day I consider trading my car for a hoverboard to avoid traffic.”
  47. “Tuesday is the day I realize that ‘adulting’ is a never-ending struggle.”
  48. “Tuesday is the day I ponder the mysteries of the universe, like why socks disappear in the laundry.”
  49. “On Tuesday, I pretend that wearing workout clothes is the same as going to the gym.”
  50. “Tuesday: The day I plan to change the world but end up changing the channel instead.”
  51. “Tuesday is the day I contemplate a ‘no pants’ dress code for the office.”
  52. “Tuesday: The day I decide to ‘adult’ and then promptly change my mind.”
  53. “Tuesday is the day I wonder if I’ll ever be as organized as my Pinterest boards.”
  54. “Tuesday: The day I attempt to ‘adult,’ but my cat reminds me I’m not in charge.”
  55. “Tuesday is the day I realize my life is a series of near-accidents.”
  56. “Tuesday: The day I consider starting a petition to make napping a competitive sport.”
  57. “Tuesday is the day I question the life choices that led me to this moment.”
  58. “Tuesday: The day I contemplate selling my soul for a lifetime supply of coffee.”
  59. “Tuesday is the day I become a professional time-waster.”
  60. “Tuesday: The day I plan to conquer the world, one Netflix episode at a time.”
  61. “Tuesday is the day I try to adult but accidentally take a nap.”
  62. “Tuesday: The day I realize that my spirit animal is a bear in hibernation.”
  63. “Tuesday is the day I wish ‘adulting’ came with a cheat code.”
  64. “Tuesday: The day I question whether my coffee addiction is ‘sustainable.'”
  65. “Tuesday is the day I attempt to be a responsible adult and end up ordering pizza.”
  66. “Tuesday: The day I ponder the meaning of life and end up googling ‘funny cat videos.'”
  67. “Tuesday is the day I contemplate starting a support group for people who hate Tuesdays.”
  68. “Tuesday: The day I plan to conquer the world but settle for conquering my couch.”
  69. “Tuesday is the day I realize that my bed is my one true love.”
  70. “Tuesday: The day I wish I could hibernate until Friday.”
  71. “Tuesday is the day I ask myself, ‘Is it too late to become a professional sleeper?'”
  72. “Tuesday: The day I pretend to be an adult and then reward myself with dessert.”
  73. “Tuesday is the day I consider changing my job title to ‘Chief Procrastination Officer.'”
  74. “Tuesday: The day I ponder life’s greatest mysteries, like why we park on driveways and drive on parkways.”
  75. “Tuesday is the day I embrace my inner sloth.”
  76. “Tuesday: The day I start a diet and then immediately see a donut.”
  77. “Tuesday is the day I wonder if my plants judge me for neglecting them.”
  78. “Tuesday: The day I contemplate quitting my job to become a professional napper.”
  79. “Tuesday is the day I consider trading my computer for a coloring book.”
  80. “Tuesday: The day I become an expert at finding creative ways to procrastinate.”
  81. “Tuesday is the day I make plans to be productive and then take a two-hour nap.”
  82. “Tuesday: The day I contemplate joining the ‘No Meetings Before Noon’ club.”
  83. “Tuesday is the day I realize that adulting is just one big experiment.”
  84. “Tuesday: The day I wonder if my coffee mug is judging my life choices.”


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