Which is the most consumed alcohol in Kenya?

Tasker Lager beer is the most consumed alcohol in Kenya.
Tusker Lager beer, owned by East African Breweries Limited, leads as the most consumed alcohol in Kenya, according to EBL Report the annual sales exceeding 650,000 hectolitres.
Renowned for its craftsmanship and quality and taste, Tusker Lager beer delights Kenyans with its distinct taste, brewed using locally sourced ingredients. It embodies Kenyan pride, the big five, and cultural heritage, making it a staple drink in social gatherings national wide. With widespread availability in local joints and market dominance, Tusker Lager has forged a deep connection with its consumers. East African Breweries Limited’s commitment to community engagement and responsibility further enhances the brand’s appeal. Tusker Lager stands as a symbol of Kenya’s vibrant spirit and appreciation for exceptional beers.

best alcohol for ladies in Kenya

Tusker Cider Guarana and Savanna are the best alcohols for ladies in Kenya



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