Is the motorcycle spare parts business profitable in Kenya

The motorcycle spare parts business is thriving, thanks to the fast growth of the boda-boda industry in Kenya. Motorcycles have become a popular mode of transportation in the country due to their affordability, speed, and convenience. As the number of boda bodas continues to rise, so does the demand for spare parts and maintenance services.  Yes, the motorcycle spare part business is very profitable in Kenya where Entrepreneurs are making around 5,000Kshs to 20,000 Kshs In this article, we will delve into the profitability of the motorcycle spare parts business in Kenya, discuss the growth of the boda boda industry, and explore the various aspects of starting a spare parts shop with a budget of at least 200,000 Kshs.

How much do you need to start a motorcycle spare parts business in Kenya?

You need at least 200,000 Kshs to Start a motorcycle spare parts business in Kenya.

for the last 15 years, the boda boda industry in Kenya has experienced explosive growth. In both urban and rural areas, boda bodas have become a vital means of transportation. The rise in the popularity of boda bodas is attributed to their ability to navigate through traffic congestion, provide quick transportation, and serve as a source of income for many youths in the country.

The demand for motorcycle spare parts and maintenance services has risen with the growth of the boda-boda industry. Motorcycles are subject to wear and tear, and regular maintenance and replacement of parts are necessary to keep them running smoothly. This presents a  business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to venture into the motorcycle spare parts industry in Kenya.

Where to buy Motorcycle spare parts in Kenya and in Nairobi

When it comes to stocking your motorcycle spare parts shop, you have two main options:

  • importing parts from China
  • buying from local suppliers in the Industrial Area, Nairobi,

which is known for housing numerous spare parts suppliers.

Importing spare parts from China offers a wider range of options and potentially lower costs. You can connect with reliable manufacturers and wholesalers in China using Alibaba who offer competitive prices and good-quality spares. However, importing requires careful planning, including considering shipping costs, import duties, and customs regulations.

Where to buy spare parts in Nairobi

On the other hand, buying spare parts from local suppliers in the Industrial Area and River Side Nairobi allows you to build relationships with established distributors and wholesalers. This offers the advantage of quicker access to spare parts, reduced shipping costs, and the ability to inspect products before purchase. Additionally, local suppliers are familiar with the specific needs of the Kenyan market and can offer valuable insights into customer preferences.

What is the best platform to sell motorcycle parts?

The best platform to sell spare parts in Kenya is Facebook and Jiji.

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