Is the gas business profitable in Kenya? 

Yes, the gas business is profitable in Kenya. The demand for cooking gas is increasing due to population growth, global initiatives to clean energy, urbanization, and the Kenya government’s efforts to give subsidies on cooking gas.  With a well-researched business location, a business plan, a supply chain, and a competitive pricing strategy a gas business in Nairobi has the potential of making you around  10,00 Kshs per day.

Why Gas Business is profitable in Kenya

  1. Demand: The demand for cooking gas(LPG) in Kenya has been increasing in recent years. This is due to its cost, compared to other sources of energy such as charcoal, kerosene, and firewood. The increased population growth mainly in Nairobi, and Ruto’s government providing subsidies for clean cooking solutions. This demand continues to rise and its creating opportunities for the gas business in Kenya.
  2. Competition: The cooking gas business in Kenya has been competitive for the last 10 years, as many entrepreneurs have already established themselves in the market. It is important for you to first analyze the existing market competition or identify a unique business location and your marketing strategy that differentiates your business
  3. Supply Chain: The profitability of a gas business can be influenced by the efficiency of the supply chain. A reliable supplier, transportation, storage and distribution network can impact the cost structure and the overall profitability.


Cooking gas companies in Kenya

  1. Total Kenya
  2. Pro Gas
  3. Kgas
  4. Sea Gas
  5. Taifa Gas
  6. Afrik gas
  7. Mid Gas
  8. Lake Gas

The best cooking gas in Kenya

K-Gas is the best cooking gas in Kenya for its safety, and reliability in Kenya. This cooking gas is available to home and commercial customers in 6kg, 13kg, 35kg and 50kg cylinders, and it’s only supplied by authorized dealers by Rubis energy.

Cheapest gas cylinder in Kenya

The Current cheapest gas in the Kenyan Market is Taifa Gas.



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