• Blogging
  • Influencing people on social media
  • Fiverr
  • Starting a Business
  • Opening an Online store.
  • Becoming a virtual assistant
  • Become a social media manager
  • Renting your Apartment (AIRBNB)

Do you have a full-time job and the money you earn on that job isn’t enough? Well, there are several ways to earn an extra buck online. There is nothing wrong with supplementing your basic salary by working online in your free time. HOW CAN I MAKE EXTRA MONEY IN KENYA

Before I delve deep into this topic let me introduce to you a person who has figured out how to make extra cash online here in Kenya. His name is Protus Mwangi Murimi. He is one of the pioneers of online work in Nairobi. He knows all the ins and out of the online gig ecosystem. Just the other he founded an online platform that which he created with a vision. For helping young people achieve their full working potential online here in Kenya. Mr. Protus believes that if you are not making enough money online. Then with enough mentoring, you can achieve great milestones. Check him out at and you will learn more.

These are the most popular ways to earn money online here in Kenya. These include; blogging, influencing people on social media, doing micro tasks online, opening an online store, becoming a virtual assistant, and finally, you can also make money as a social media manager.

All these ways listed above are the most legit ways of making money online here in Kenya. Now let me go further and look into each of them.


How much does blogging pay in Kenya?

This involves creating great content either written articles, photography, or videos, and self-publishing them online. Your goal when blogging is to produce content that your target will find interesting and educative.  After managing to have an audience for your blog. Now it’s time to think about monetizing your amazing blog. There are several strategies to monetize your blog.

Firstly you can monetize your blog with Google Ad-sense. This way Google will analyze the content you post on your blog and place adverts that resonate with your audience. Google will pay you for clicks on the adverts. A blog can also be monetized by posting sponsored content. A company might approach you and pay you to create a blog post promoting and marketing them.

A blog can also be monetized by posting affiliate links on your post. You earn from affiliate links if people click on them and buy goods there. You will be paid in form of a commission.

Influencing people on social media

As a social media influencer, you get paid to post on your favorite social networks. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Twitter. The only hack for succeeding in this hustle is making sure you have a large following on these social networks. Then reach out to companies to make them know you can partner with them in promoting their products on your social media page. If you manage to leverage your power well these companies will come knocking at your door begging you to promote their products.

You can also post affiliate links on your posts and earn a commission if somebody clicks on them.

Opening an Online store.

This is one of the surest ways of making money online here in Kenya. In Kenya, the easiest way to own an online store is drop shipping with Jumia. Jumia will allow you to stock your preferred product on your store. If you sell to your customer. Jumia will deliver to them and share 11% of the profits earned with you. The benefit of this method is you don’t need capital upfront. You don’t need your own product inventory. All you need is to be superb in marketing.

An online store will give you the benefits of compounding. This means if a person shops at your store and is satisfied they are going to refer their friends to you.  How to start dropshipping for free in Kenya?

Becoming a virtual assistant

This is for those of you who are organized, have administrative skills, and love working from home. As a virtual assistant, your work will be offering administrative services to companies and entrepreneurs remotely.  A virtual assistant receives and makes calls, receives and sends an email, sets up meetings,s and does some basic transcription.

The best thing about a virtual assistant is most of your job will be about delegation and you choose to work with the company you like.

Become a social media manager

Almost all companies have a social media presence. They do this to ensure continuous contact with their customers and to drive engagement. This is a great opportunity since it is not easy for companies to run their own social media accounts. With creativity and deep knowledge of how social media platforms work. You can help these companies achieve the desired engagement and online presence at a fee.

The good thing with this hustle is you can do it part-time while still holding your day job. Thus making it a good way for earning extra income.

Renting your Apartment

Everybody seems to be doing this in Kenya. With an extra room at your apartment, you can make extra money by renting it out at Airbnb. All you need is to register your premises on the Airbnb website. Hire a good photographer to take beautiful pictures of your house. Post them on AirBnB set up your rates and make sure your premises go live on Airbnb.

Usually hosts at AirBnB charge fees on a daily basis. This makes it a great way to make a passive income.

In conclusion, the above ways are legit ways of bringing in extra money in your pockets. They may or may not work well for you but the good thing people have executed them and made it happen.

In this era of rapid digital transformations, it would be foolhardy to online holding a traditional office job. Take advantage of the internet and make a hustle that will earn you money while staying at home.

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