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How much do I need to start a gas business in Kenya?

This cooking gas business plan in Kenya outlines the details and strategies for starting a gas supply business in Kenya. The aim of the business is to provide reliable and affordable gas products to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The plan includes a Cost of Starting the business, Market Research, pricing strategy, cost structure, marketing and sales approach, and how to access finances.

Cost of Starting a Cooking Gas Supply In Kenya

  1. Shop/ Storage –7,000 Kshs – 15, 000 Kshs
  2. AT LEAST 20 CYLINDERS OF GAS for 20, 000 Kshs
  3. Weigh Machine –5000 Kshs
  4. CHain 1000Kshs-2000 Kshs
  5. Outdoor metal storage 3000Kshs- 5000Kshs
  6. Padlock Mindy 700Kshs
  7. Delivery Motorbike if required 70,000 Kshs
  8.  Marketing Stickers in estates 1000 Kshs
  9.  Relaible gas supplier
  10.  Shop Branding 3,000 Kshs


Shop/ Storage cost

The first major cost you will have to consider is renting a shop space to serve as your gas supply outlet. The cost of a suitable shop can range from 7,000Kshs to 20,000 Kshs per month, depending on the location and size of the shop space. It is advisable to choose a location with high traffic, security, and easy accessibility.

Cost of Gas CYLINDERS in Kenya

To meet the demands of your gas customers, you will need to invest in at least 20 gas cylinders. The cost of each cylinder can vary depending on the size of the gas cylinder and brand of the meko, but on average, it may range from 900Kshs to 4,000Kshs per cylinder. Therefore, you should budget between 30,000Kshs to 120,000 Kshs for the initial cylinder purchase.

Most high demand Gas in Kenya is

  • Pro Gas
  • K gas
  • Sea Gas
  • Afri Gas
  • Total Gas
  • Taifa Gas
  • etc

Gas Weighing Machine

A Gas weighing machine is important for accurately measuring the amount of gas sold to customers. This creates trust with your customers. You can buy a good durable weighing machine for 5,000Kshs in Jiji Kenya. It can be electric or manual.

Chain Lock and a  Padlock

To ensure the security of your gas cylinders, when stored outside it is recommended to invest in a strong chain lock and padlock. The cost for a chain can range from 1,000Kshs to 2,000Kshs, while a reliable mindy padlock may cost around 700Kshs.

Outdoor Metal Storage

It is good to have an outdoor metal storage area to safely store your gas cylinders during the day. The cost of outdoor metal storage can range from 3,000Kshs to 5,000Kshs, depending on its size you need

Delivery Motorbike,

If you plan to offer home and office gas delivery services to your customers, you may need to invest in a new or secondhand delivery boda. The cost of a second-hand motorbike can start from 50,000Kshs, depending on where and who you are buying from.

Strategy for a cooking  Gas Supply Business

To attract your gas customers and create brand awareness, you will need to invest in marketing efforts. One method to market your gas delivery business is to distribute stickers with your business information( Name of your shop, at least 2 phone numbers for your customers to reach you out)  in targeted areas, such as residential estates. Budget around 1,000Kshs for printing and distributing these stickers.

Reliable Gas Supplier

Establishing a partnership with a reliable gas supplier is crucial for your business. This is what will determine your profit margins The cost of purchasing gas from your supplier will vary depending on the market rates, but it is important to ensure a consistent, affordable, and quality supplier.

Cost of a full gas cylinder in Kenya as a supplier

The cost of a full gas cylinder as a supplier in Kenya is 900-1000 Kshs. 

How much profit do you make as a cooking gas supplier in Kenya

Profitability in cooking gas supply can range from 150 Kshs to 500 Kshs per cylinder, depending on a few factors such as the gas cylinder brand, client base, and the current market prices. Providing larger capacity cylinders to commercial establishments can yield higher profits, while targeting residential areas with smaller cylinders may result in a larger customer base. Monitoring and adjusting prices according to market trends is crucial for success. By analyzing market dynamics, establishing strong client relationships, and delivering reliable services, entrepreneurs can capitalize on the profit potential of the cooking gas supply business in Kenya.

How much profit can you make in Gas Business in Kenya?

How much profit can you make in Gas Business in Nairobi?

The profitability of gas business in Nairobi and in Kenya can vary depending on factors such as

  • location,
  • competition,
  • marketing strategy
  • operational efficiency.

Potentially cooking gas supply business in Kenya could potentially earn around 2,000 Kshs to 10,000 Kshs per day. Assuming the business operates for 20 days in a month, the estimated monthly profits could range from 30,000 Kshs to  Kshs. 60, 000 Kshs However, it’s important to note that the profits can be influenced by factors such as the cost of gas cylinders, wholesale purchase prices, operational expenses, customer demand, and competition.

Is cooking gas business profitable in Kenya?

How much does it cost to start a gas business in Kenya?

The cost of starting a gas Business in Kenya is around 100,000 Kshs  -250,000 Kshs

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