The best school to study medicine in Kenya is the Nairobi university school of health sciences. Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery is the most sought after program in the Nairobi University School of health sciences.

This course is covered over a period of 6 years and an additional year of internship. The program is taught full time.

Upon graduation the students qualify to be a medical doctor who can perform disease diagnoses and surgery.

Why is Nairobi School of Medicine the best?

  • State of the art teaching infrastructure. The Nairobi university faculty of health sciences has modern lecture halls and laboratories for students use.
  • The ratio of lecturer to student is low. This means a class of medicine students is not overcrowded. This means each student is given a personalized teaching experience.
  • Highly experienced faculty members. All the lecturers teaching at the Nairobi school of medicine have the highest qualifications possible. Most have masters and PhDs to their name.
  • The Nairobi school of medicine has a functional dean of students who deals with student affairs. The dean helps students find a balance between studying medicine and enjoying life at campus.
  • The Nairobi school of health sciences has won several awards for their research efforts.
  • The primary teaching facility for the Nairobi university school of medicine is Kenyatta National Referral Hospital. This hospital has a good number of patients for patients to learn with. In addition to that the hospital has almost all the facilities needed for standard medical practice.
  • The school is compliant with the set medical training teaching standards and guidelines.

What are the Qualifications needed to join the Nairobi University School of Medicine?

There are two programs for admission the Kenyan government sponsored students and the self- sponsored students.

Admission requirements for the Kenyan government sponsored students

For you be admitted you need to have scored straight A’s in all the subjects examinable for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. These subjects are:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Kiswahili
  • Geography or history

Admission requirements for the self-sponsored students

For this group you need at least a B- in the four cluster subjects which are:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics/Mathematics
  • English/Kiswahili

However, in all the other subjects you should be having a C+ and not anything below that.

For Advanced Level Holders you need a minimum of 2 principal passes. One should be in biology while the other should be in chemistry. Furthermore, you need one subsidiary pass in mathematics or physics.

What are the possible Career paths for Students Studying Medicine?

One of the areas with clinical medicine physicians:

  1. These are doctors who diagnose and treat heart problems
  2. During surgery their work is to monitor the patient and administer analgesia
  3. A doctor who deals with conditions affecting glands and blood
  4. A doctor who diagnoses and treats conditions for the elderly
  5. A medical doctor who deals with stomach and intestine problems
  6. This is a liver specialist
  7. This is a rheumatic specialist
  8. Radiation oncologist
  9. Deals with pulmonary conditions
  10. A doctor who diagnoses and treats mental conditions
  11. This a child specialist
  12. A specialist who treats eye conditions
  13. This is a dental surgeon
  14. Orthopaedic surgeon. A doctor who deals with bones
  15. A specials who treats conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord and nerves
  16. A specialist who treats the conditions of the kidney
  17. A doctor who treats conditions of the skin
  18. This a general specialist physician

We also have surgeons. Here are examples of surgeons:

  • General surgeon
  • Neurosurgeon
  • Gynaecologist
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Otolaryngologist
  • Plastic surgeon
  • Urologist
  • Thoracic surgeon
  • Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgeon
  • Obstetrician

Lastly there is a group of medical laboratory physicians:

  1. General pathologist
  2. Medical biochemist
  3. Neuropathologist
  4. Pathologist
  5. Anatomical pathologist
  6. Haematological pathologist
  7. Medical microbiologist

How much does it cost to study at the Nairobi University School of medicine?

Fees for year 1

Year 1 of Medical School Units Cost of the Unit
Human anatomy Kes 311111
biochemistry Kes 111111
Physiology Kes 88,888
Information Technology Kes 22,222
Behavioral science Kes 66,666
Totals Kes 600000


Fees for year 2

Year 2 units Cost of the units
Medical Physiology Kes 155555
Biochemistry Kes 133,333
Microbiology Kes 44,444
Immunology Kes 22,222
Medical law and ethics Kes 22222
pharmacology Kes 66666
Community health Kes 155555
Totals Kes 60000


Year 3 fees

Year 3 units Cost of the unit
Medical Microbiology 11 Kes 112500
Anatomic pathology 1 Kes 37500
Clinical Pharmacology 11 Kes 150000
General Surgery 1


Kes 112500
Junior Clerkship Kes 75000
Haematology and Blood transfusion Kes 56250
Clinical Chemistry 1 Kes 56250
Totals Kes 600000


Year 4 fees

Year 4 units Cost of the unit
Internal medicine 1 Kes 75000
General surgery 11 Kes 75000
Psychiatry 1 Kes 93,750
Diagnostic imaging 1 Kes 18750
Anatomic pathology 11 Kes 75000
Orthopaedic surgery 1 Kes 75000
Haematology and Blood Transfusion 11 Kes 75000
Immunology 11 Kes 37500
Ophthalmology 1 Kes 18750
Clinical chemistry 11 Kes 37500
Otolaryngology 1 Kes 18750
Totals Kes 600000


Year 5

Year 5 units Cost of the unit
Obstestrics and Gynaecology Kes 173,684
Paediatrics and Child Health Kes 173,684
Community Health 11 Kes 173,684
Elective term Kes 78,947
Totals Kes 600000


Year 6 school fees

Year 6 units Cost of the unit
Internal medicine 11 Kes 150000
General Surgery 111 Kes 131250
Psychiatry 11 Kes 18750
Diagnostic Imaging 11 Kes 37500
Orthopaedic Surgery 11 Kes 112500
Dermatology Kes 18750
Ophthalmology 11 Kes 18750
Otolaryngology 11 Kes 18750
Forensic medicine Kes 18750
anaesthesia Kes 37500
Dentistry Kes 37500
Totals Kes 600000


However be aware that there may be other extra costs that we may not have captured in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best private medical college in Kenya?

The best private medical college in Kenya is St Joseph Nyabondo Medical Training College. Others in this category include:

  1. Outspan medical college
  2. AIC Kijabe Hospital

Where can I study Medicine in Kenya?

  • The university of Nairobi Medical school
  • Moi University medical school
  • Egerton University medical school
  • Maseno university medical school
  • Kenyatta University medical school
  • Mount Kenya University medical school

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