University of Lagos (UNILAG) is the best school to study law in Nigeria. This is due to the intensive curriculum, an excellent academic teaching fraternity and guest professors.

The law school is well known for its research centers and a student life that is very vibrant.

Why is University of Lagos Law School the best in Nigeria?

  • State of the art modern learning facilities. Each class at UNILAG has 70 students and that is the maximum a class can have. This ensures that each student gets maximum attention.
  • Emphasizes on practical learning. This is achieved through UNILAG Law School research center and collaborating with top law firms in the country to offer internship opportunities to law students.
  • Guest professors. Every academic year top legal scholars are invited from top law schools in Europe and America to come share their knowledge with law students at UNILAG.
  • Use of Laptops in learning. On admission each student at University of Lagos is given a laptop. This makes it easier for them to access e-learning resources and also attend online classes.
  • Student exchange program. Each year a group of law students are exchanged with another from a top prestigious university abroad. This helps to expose the students to better systems of education thus shaping their view of the world.
  • As part of Law school curriculum at UNILAG each student is required to study a foreign language. They can choose any language of their liking from Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, French and German.

What are the Programs Offered at University of Lagos Law School?

These are the programs available at UNILAG Law School:

  1. Undergraduate programme

What are the Entry Requirements for Studying Law at University of Lagos?

Entry requirements for the undergraduate program

  • At least 5 credit passes at O levels.
  • Choose the correct combination of JAMB subjects prior to applying.
  • Score at least 200 in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exam
  • You should have chosen UNILAG as your first school of choice
  • You should have attained at least 16 years of age before admission

You should proof of the above in form of scanned copies and avail yourself for interview on Wednesdays in the month of October from 8:00AM

The intake for the programme is on October and the study duration is 4 years.

  1. Master Programme

This is an eighteen-month program designed for those with bachelor’s of law to gain masterly in the field of law.

  • For admission you must have first class or second class honors in Bachelors of Laws from any of the recognized universities in the world.
  • Those with lower second class honors must have a postgraduate diploma plus 3 years of professional experience.

For those seeking to do Doctors of Law the programme takes 3 years. This is how the programme is laid out:

  1. Year one. You will cover coursework
  2. Year two is purely for research
  3. Year three is also for research

Admission Requirements

You should be a holder of bachelors of laws and a masters of law in any university recognized by the Academic council of the University of Lagos.

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What are the Fees for University of Lagos Law School?

The acceptance fee for admission at University of Lagos is 20,000 naira.

Details Science and Languages Programs in Naira Non-Science programs

In Naira

Acceptance 20000 20000
Registration 5000 5000
Identity Card 1000 1000
Result Verification 5000 5000
Examination 2500 2500
Sports 1000 1000
Medical Services 2500 2500
Lab Services 2000 2000
Library Services 2500 2500
Student’s Handbook 1000 1000
Information Tech 2000 2000
Endowment Fund 5000 5000
Hire of Gown 1000 1000
TISHIP 5000 5000
Total 55,500 53,500


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Top Ten Universities to Study Law in Nigeria 2023

  1. University Ibadan School of Law
  2. Covenant University Law School
  3. Obafemi Awolowo University
  4. University of Nigeria
  5. University of Benin
  6. University of Calabar
  7. Lagos State University
  8. Ahmadu Bello University, Abu, Zaria
  9. University of Ilorin
  10. Ekiti State University

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best University to study Law in Nigeria?

The best university to study law in Nigeria is University of Lagos Law School.

What are the Top 5 Law Schools?

  1. Yale university
  2. University of Stanford
  3. Columbia University
  4. Harvard University
  5. University of Chicago
  6. University of Pennsylvania
  7. University of Virginia
  8. New York University

What is Number 1 best law school?

The number 1 best law school is Yale Law School.

Which law course pays the most?

These are the 5 highest paying law courses:

  1. Corporate law
  2. Trial law
  3. Tax law
  4. Patent law
  5. Real estate law



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