Which is the Best School to Study Journalism in Kenya

In the dynamic landscape of journalism education in Kenya, choosing the right school is paramount for aspiring journalists. While there are several institutions offering journalism programs, one stands out as the beacon of excellence – Daystar University. Let’s identify why Daystar University is ranked as the best school to study journalism in Kenya and explore the comprehensive programs it offers.

KEY- Which is the Best school to study Journalism in Kenya- Daystar University is the Best School to study  Journalism in Kenya.

1. Daystar University: A Hub of Excellence

Daystar University’s School of Communication is a distinguished institution that offers a wide array of programs catering to students at various academic levels.

Diploma Programs:

  • Dip. in Communication
  • Dip. in Music

Bachelor of Arts Programs:

  • B.A. Music
  • B.A. Technical and Professional Communication
  • B.A. Communication with specializations in:
    • Public Relations
    • Electronic Media/Broadcast Media
    • Print Media/Journalism
    • Advertising

Master of Arts Programs:

  • M.A. Media Studies
  • M.A. Development Communication
  • M.A. Corporate Communication

Doctoral Studies:

  • PhD Media Studies
  • PhD Development Communication
  • PhD Corporate Communication
  • PhD Human Communication

ACADEMIC School Facilities:

The School of Communication/ Journalism at Daystar University boasts state-of-the-art facilities that enable practical skill development through experiential learning. These include
a radio station (103.1 Shine FM),

  1. a student newspaper,
  2. television
  3. audio-visual studios,
  4. a writing and speech center,
  5. an electronic publishing
  6. design lab
  7. music rooms.

These resources provide students with a hands-on learning experience, preparing them for the dynamic field of journalism.

2. Multimedia University: A Competitor in the Field

Multimedia University, a public institution, is also notable in the field of journalism education in Kenya. Admission requirements include a KCSE mean grade of C+ and a minimum of C+ in English and Kiswahili, or A-Level with two principal passes and one subsidiary pass in relevant subjects. Diploma graduates with a credit pass can join in the second year.

While Multimedia University offers a solid foundation, Daystar University’s comprehensive programs, specialized departments, and cutting-edge facilities set it apart as the premier choice for journalism education in Kenya. Daystar University’s commitment to excellence and practical skill development makes it the ideal institution for aspiring journalists seeking a holistic education in the field. Choosing Daystar University is not just a step towards a degree but a leap towards a successful and impactful career in journalism.


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