Best Fridges in Kenya 2023

Best Fridges are essential to every Kenyan household. The various brands of refrigerators available in Kenya offer a variety of colors, sizes, and designs at the best prices. We have different brands that include Samsung, LG, Ramtons, Bruhm, Mika, Heir, IceCool, Armco, Whirlpool, Von Hotpoint, and Super General. It would be best to consider different aspects of refrigerators when purchasing one. First, you need a budget to guide you when comparing the refrigerators within your range. You also need to consider your available home space, or otherwise, you will spend a lot of money buying a fridge that won’t fit in your kitchen. Fridges also come in different types: single door fridge, double door fridges, French door fridges, side by side fridges, and bottom freezer refrigerators.

Samsung Refrigerators – Samsung RB33N4020S8 Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator


Samsung refrigerators in Kenya come in categories of door types. Some of the available door categories for Samsung refrigerators are top freezer, bottom freezer, one door, French door, and side-by-side. Samsung refrigerators are well known for their powerful cooling system, making them a choice for many in Kenya. Due to their flexibility and having an independently controlled compartment in most brands, Samsung refrigerators are ideal for storing and preserving beverages, meat, fruits, and vegetable fresher. 

The Samsung RB33N4020S8 Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator with a Silver finish is the best fridge to buy in Kenya today. Suppose you’re looking for a top-tier fridge that genuinely defines the functionality and a state-of-the-art design. The Samsung contemporary fridge features an Optimal Fresh Zone at one of the bottom drawers. The refrigerator’s design makes meat and fish last and stays fresh for twice longer than your average fridge. The bottom freezer provides eye-level access to the refrigerator compared to constantly bending down with two-door fridges. They also have features to take care of the environment. For instance, the digital inverter technology allows the compressor you can control to increase its speed slowly. Once the compressor reaches the desired temperature, it can slowly maintain the desired temperature rather than turn completely off. This feature saves enormous amounts of energy.


LG Refrigerators

LG Fridge Double Door prices in Kenya

LG refrigerator’s designs fit in any of Kenya’s kitchens as they are intended n a stylish way with small intelligent features. Among the key features is the LG Instaview which allows you to see inside the refrigerator’s accessible access compartment without the need to open the door. This feature reduces cold air loss in the fridge, thus keeping your items fresh for longer. This unique feature also allows you to check on the food stored inside the refrigerator without opening the door.

The LG refrigerators also have the FreshBalancer feature, which allows you to control the right amount of humidity to keep your fruits, drinks, and vegetables fresh for longer. With LG leading in innovation and technology, they have introduced the Smart ThinQ feature that lets you control and diagnose your refrigerator using your smartphone; that’s awesome, right? All these features make LG refrigerators among the best brands of refrigerators in Kenya.

Best LG Fridge to buy in Kenya


Ramtons Refrigerators 

any Kenyan home today needs A refrigerator. It’s also ideal to invest in a good refrigerator with all the global warming and unpredictable temperatures we are experiencing. Ramtons is among the leading brands of refrigerators in Kenya. Their fridges come with a stylish design, intelligent features, spacious compartments, and the latest technological innovations to fit into any Kenyan home. The built design meets your budget and space requirement from the single-door, double-door, and kitchen refrigerator.

Best Ramtons Refrigerators to Buy in Kenya

Ramtons RF/173, 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge, 128 Litres


Ramtons RF/173, 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge, 128 Litres – SilverRamtons, the company’s vision is making lives in the Kenyan home and kitchen easier through innovative products, ample availability, and strong support. This model has a capacity of 128L and comes in a stylish silver/white color. In its interior, it comes with three adjustable shelves that you can move appropriately depending on your storage needs. The shelves are made of clear plastic, making them easy to clean, especially when spills occur inside. The fridge’s door racks are sufficient for all your bottle needs plastic containers and come with a plastic egg tray on the top door rack shelf for safekeeping your fragile foods.

This model has interior light for good vision when searching for food items or arranging them. Nothing is hidden from sight in there. The freezer has duo compartments with a single-door rack and is sufficient for your family freezing needs. The fridge also has a compressor and coils at the back that are concealed to avoid dust, e.t.c from interfering. the feature is a sign of durability and quality services. the fridge measures 129.5 cm X 46.5 cm X 55cm (H x W x L). Ramtons RF/173, 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge IS THE BEST RAMTONS  FRIDGE TO BUY IN KENYA.

Ramtons RF/268 – 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge – 207L – Silver



This is a top-of-the-line, stylish, a dream come true refrigerator. The silver finish allows it to stand out in your kitchen or office and doubles up as room décor. It has beautiful handles that make it easier to access your fridge instead of constantly struggling to open it. The unit boasts a solid 207L capacity ideal for a family of 4 – 5 people. Inside, the fridge has a lovely white finish that is easy to clean, including the glass shelves and crevices. It’s also equipped with a thermostat for temperature regulation that would vary from time to time. The door has three racks, although there is a waste of space due to having enough unused space to have 4-5 frames.

Ramtons RF/171 – 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge – 128 Litres – Mar Silver


At the current generation, we all want to play a part in conserving our environment for future generations. This fridge does reduce your carbon footprint, although it is a little bit pricey for its capacity and features. The unit is great at conserving energy and reducing your electric bill. The coils at the back need to be regularly vacuumed to rid them of dust, and pet furs are concealed to protect them and the compressor. The feature makes the fridge last longer. It has a unique silver finish that will look right at home in your Kenyan kitchen. It has classy transparent door racks, especially if kept clean, with two shelves and a big vegetable box.

Ramtons RF/257- 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge – 213 Litres – Titan Silver


The titan silver is a beautiful and well-designed appliance for the Kenyan dreamer saving up for an ideal lasting fridge. This particular model is well known for its ultra-low noise for those who treasure peace of mind and relaxation. The 213L fridge is huge and boasts three more spacious shelves than the usual two in modern refrigerators. Therefore, there is sufficient space for your varying storage needs in your Kenyan home. The short transparent four-door shelves are more than enough for your condiments. The fridge is a direct cool device, meaning you have to defrost manually from time to time.


Bruhm Refrigerators

Bruhm refrigerators are taking over the Kenyan market due to their quality and affordability for the average Kenyan home. Their fridges come from Bruhm Electronics Company, which manufactures home and kitchen appliances with utmost quality and design detail. Their fridges are affordable and Energy Efficient. They also come with a Dual-Action cooling system, excellent Interior lighting, temperature-controlled compartments, and ideal door alarms. Bruhm fridges keep food fresh for longer, are frost-free refrigerators, come with spill-proof shelves, and are less noisy than most competitors. Similarly, their devices are durable to serve you for the longest time possible.

Best Bruhm Fridgerators to buy in Kenya

Bruhm BRD225 – Double Door Refrigerator – 8.0 Cu.Ft – 210 Litres


Bruhm BRD225 – Double Door Refrigerator – 8.0 Cu.Ft – 210 Litres – Metallic Blue. This brush fridge comes in a beautiful metallic blue finish that will surely stand out and make your kitchen complete. The refrigerator has door handles, making it easier to open and close the fridge than repress grips. With this model, Bruhm has once again outdone themselves. The refrigerator comes with three adjustable shelves and a thermostat to regulate the temperature throughout the refrigerator. It has a vast vegetable box for those who care a lot about our healthy greens and fruits that stay longer. There are three food racks on the door, although they are smaller than usual shelves. The Bruhm BRD225 fridge is energy efficient with moderate noise, making it ideal for the Kenyan home. 


Bruhm BRD 348F – Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator 330L

Bruhm BRD 348F – Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator 330L  has a Silver finish. The elegant stainless steel Bruhm fridge is one of its kind in the Kenyan market. The fridge is 330L in capacity, ideal for eight people or less family or office. The freezer has two compartments and an ice cube tray compartment for heavy entertainers. The freezer door has two racks ideal for the storage of nuts, beer, and other soft drinks. The rack is not ideal for items such as ice cream because the freezer door is the warmest place in the freezer.

The fridge has automated lighting when you open and close the door. This ensures no cool air gets lost inside there, no matter the time of day. The vegetable is huge and convenient to store your fresh veggies and fruits easily. The fridge’s door racks are the most convenient for others in its asking price range. The racks are divided to categorize the same items together differently from other items. For instance, milk and ketchup are kept in different compartments to avoid messy spillage.


Mika Refrigerators (Mika refrigerator price in Kenya)

Mika I another brand that’s making quality and affordable refrigerators in the Kenyan market. Their refrigerators are fit and affordable for most Kenyan families. The brand fully embraces the ‘Go Green’ spirit. Therefore, the growth of their business does not come at the expense of future generations. Mika fridges also come in stylish exterior designs that are a true definition of creativity and innovation.

Haier Refrigerators

Heir refrigerators are designed to enhance consumers’ enjoyment of home at every stage of life. The fridges suit everybody even when you live alone or as a family. Their refrigerators are designed from small space to full size. Therefore, you can find a refrigerator that’s just right for your needs and falls under your preferred budget. Their refrigerators have a sleek design, innovative interiors, and LED lighting giving you the style and features that you’ll fall in love with their models.

Icecool Refrigerators

Icecool refrigerators and deep freezes are among the best and most common in the Kenyan market. They are known for energy-efficient compressors, high-density foaming layers, and multi-airflow systems. They also come with overall low energy consumption and low noise design. IceCool fridges are also economical and low-budgeted to ensure that they fit.

Armco Refrigerators

The Armco Refrigerator features state-of-the-art technologies to make your life convenient and easier all packed in a stylish modern design. ‎ Armco refrigerators have some unique features that make them among the best refrigerators in Kenya. The Multi Air Flow ensures even cooling by dispersing Cool air effectively in multiple directions throughout the refrigerator. The Toughened Glass Shelves give the refrigerator the capability to hold heavy food items without the worry of breakages. You can easily adjust the shelves to meet your requirements and take a load as heavy as 175kgs.

Whirlpool Refrigerators

Whirlpool refrigerators give you the best option for your home. They are designed with a spacious compartment to store your items. Whirlpool offers a collection of fridges and refrigeration appliances that come in various sizes, styles, and colors that fit your Kenyan home interior design and lifestyle. Whether looking for the latest refrigeration technology or you need additional fresh or frozen food storage, the Whirlpool fridges will help you find the best appliances for your family.

Super General

Super Fresh for Those Who Know Better. When it comes to your family, you never compromise. You want the best quality, at the very best value. That’s just what Super General refrigerators offer you. Their extensive range of refrigerators caters to your every need, ensuring that you and your family are always treated with the fresh food they deserve. If you follow the above guide to buy a fridge, your ideal choice can last up to fifteen years.

Nexus NX-228K Refrigerator – 212L

Nexus NX-228K Refrigerator – 212L with the Silver finish takes pride in putting your needs first, including your sense of style, budget, and home decor. Its focus is critical, making them the leading choice for Kenyan household appliances. Nexus has truly outdone themselves through this fridge model. This fridge is elegant, colorful, and comes in a nice silver exterior finish. However, the freezer is a bit small for this refrigerator size. The small freezer is compensated with quite a large fridge section. The fridge has three adjustable shelves and a smaller than usual vegetable box. This leaves a huge amount of food storage space for the refrigerator. The four-door racks are colorful and stylish, with the bottom rack being the largest. This provides ample space for your to-go items such as tomato sauce, milk, eggs, cheese, plastic soda e.t.c

VON VART-18DMS Double Door Fridge – 138L – Stainless Steel

Hotpoint is a reliable brand known for its innovativeness, style, and grasp of consumer needs. The dimensions in width, height, and depth are 47.4cm x 128.2cm x 49.8cm respectively. make sure to leave enough room(5 cm will do) at the sides and back of the fridge to allow ventilation. This 138L fridge has ample space at the bottom and top for all your Kenyan home needs. A unique feature of this fridge is its tropicalized compressor. The compressor quickly cools the air even in extremely hot climates and is about 23% faster in cooling than the traditional reciprocating compressor.

VON VART-18DMY, Double Door Fridge, 138L – Silver

VON Hotpoint is popular for its thoughtful and innovative designs; this 138L fridge model is no exception. The VON VART-18DMY boasts a silver exterior finish and stands at 128.2 cm long. It comes with unique features like the thick thermal insulation that allows fast cooling and retention. Therefore, the fridge has high efficiency and money savings on electricity bills. The fridge’s freezer boasts two compartments and an ice tray. The fridge also has two toughened glass shelves for durability and easy cleaning, especially in the case of food spills.

At the bottom of the fridge is a large-capacity vegetable box that is easily invertible and retractable. The box is ample for vegetables and fruits for a family of 4-5 members.


Best fridges in Kenya 2022 are some of the ideal devices for the typical Kenyan home. The above guide has all you need to know to purchase the best fridge you possibly can for your Kenyan home. Take your time and purchase a fridge that will serve you accordingly. Similarly, dont be lured by numerous price cuts and discounts in the Kenyan market that will mislead you into buying a substandard refrigerator. Best Fridge to buy in Kenya

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